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“It's great to see how much you can do in only a short period of time. Volunteering in Laos at VFI was a great experience!”

Wendy Exterkate - Communications Professional

We can use your support in so many ways! Our staff is dedicated and talented but sometimes need and wants expertise and passion. Getting involved allows communities in Laos to benefit from your expertise and commitment, and adds value to what we are already doing. See below for opportunities:

Volunteering in Laos

VFI office in Laos has frequent needs that can only be filled by volunteers and interns. We welcome volunteer so an email to is welcome. When VFI has specific needs they will be posted on this part of the website, and will be announced in our “news” section on the home page as well.

Each volunteer need and potential volunteer will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that most opportunities DO NOT include payment. In very unusual circumstances a volunteer may be offered a paid position but please do not count on that!

Interning in Laos

The VFI office in Laos has frequent opportunities for interns, particularly if you have support from your home university or organization. We welcome interns who have special skills that we lack: fund raising, communications (use of InDesign and other communications software) and other special skills: legal, social work, etc. An email to us for an intern opportunity at is welcome. When VFI has specific needs they will be posted on this part of the website, and will be announced in our “news” section on the home page as well.

Please understand that most intern opportunities include very limited support (housing, etc.) but in special cases we may be able to offer a basic stipend as well.

Visit Laos

There is no better way to see what we do than with your own eyes. We are happy to guide you through a visit to villages in Laos and, in the process, hope to enroll you as a regular donor to VFI. If you and your friends would like visit VFI villages, give us 3-6 months lead time and we will try to set up an extremely interesting experience for you.

Virtual Volunteering

If you can’t come to Laos (less carbon footprint!), but would still like to help, or if you’re back home and would like to keep on helping, use your PC, laptop or mobile phone and become a ‘virtual volunteer’. Share your competencies in areas such as research, design, proposal writing, legal- or environmental skills. Provide assistance from out of your home.

Sharing is Caring

Follow us online on social media (don’t forget to Like and Share) or through our website and spread the word! Let people around you know what we’re doing (please watch our video on YouTube) and how they can support us. A direct donation is very helpful and sharing may lead to even greater impact!

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