Protection & Empowerment of Women and Children (PEWC)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Village Focus International leads the fight against human trafficking in Laos, and supports 4 local organizations in Cambodia to do the same. The program started in 2004 and is called ‘Protection & Empowerment of Women and Children’ or PEWC. Find out some more about the program through this page and the links.

Activities for women and children

In Laos, VFI has a comprehensive program:

  • in-village prevention activities
  • a protection system that starts with a border Transit House
  • two Drop-in Centers for temporarily accommodation for male and female
  • a Shelter in southern Laos (a new shelter is opening in Vientiane early 2016)
  • health care services for survivors of trafficking
  • educational and training opportunities at the shelter, with private sector partners, and at VFI’s 40 hectare Green Earth Center
  • social enterprise

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Finally, VFI addresses causal factors of trafficking (poverty, land loss, food insecurity), through an innovative social enterprise initiative, seeking to equip survivors and vulnerable young women with skills to enhance livelihood opportunity and income.

Drop-in Centers And Transit House For Survivors

VFI operates two drop-in centers for temporarily accommodation for trafficking survivors in Pakse (one for females, one for males), as well as a transit house at Vang Tao-Chong Mek immigration checkpoint in southern Laos.

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Activities To Prevent Trafficking And Exploitation

Poverty and lack of economic opportunities make women and children potential victims of human trafficking. They are vulnerable to false promises of jobs in other countries, especially Thailand.

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Home Of Dreams: VFI’s Shelter in Pakse Laos

Our Shelter, known as the ‘Home of Dreams’, is a safe haven, providing protection and empowerment for survivors of trafficking in southern Laos. The Shelter reintegrates young women into Lao society.

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Home of Dreams

Home of Dreams is VFI’s Shelter in Pakse (Champasak Province), the most southern city in Laos. It serves the 5 southern provinces and is linked to the national protection system for trafficking survivors and migrants ‘pushed-back’ to Laos from Thailand. Have a look at ‘The Shelter At a Glance’ for stories of survival and ways to help. Don't forget to bring a visit to the Home of Dreams page. The links you will find beneath.

Dream Weaver Shop

Dream Weaver is VFI’s shop that empowers survivors of trafficking. The fundamental issue faced by most trafficking survivors is a lack of income and opportunity for themselves and their families. VFI’s social enterprise actions aim to mitigate this obstacle through training, small grants and links to market, starting with our Dream Weaver shop.

How can you help?

VFI’s central aim is to invest in local leaders to create change in their own countries and villages. Our local team in Laos is recognized as a national leader in the fight against human trafficking, but continue to need your support in the form of money or fundraising, volunteer expertise, and links to individuals, companies, family foundations and other organizations.

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