Activities To Prevent Trafficking And Exploitation

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Kongseng, Head of the PEWC-Program

Poverty and lack of economic opportunities make women and children potential victims of human trafficking. They are vulnerable to false promises of jobs in other countries, especially Thailand. Many find themselves in situations where their documents are destroyed, their families threatened with harm, or are bonded by a debt that they have no chance of repaying.

Raising Village-Level Awareness

Our prevention activities, which are part of the VFI program for Prevention and Empowerment of Women and Children, focus on and skills to raise village-level awareness. In Laos, VFI’s prevention activities include:

  • Youth leadership development
  • Education and awareness raising of the risks and dangers of trafficking and safe migration – especially for women and children – through community theatre, puppet shows, radio programs, and other innovative media
  • Capacity building of and cooperation with local and national officials to improve the legal framework and to implement joint strategies to prevent trafficking.

VFI’s Village-Level Investment in Child Protection

Child Protection Units (CPU’s) are set up in dozens of southern villages as an entity that includes village leadership and youth to provide information, counseling and prevention activities as well as strategies for protecting survivors and those at risk

Empowerment of Youth Pays Off

One of VFI’s most successful and enduring activities continues to be our investment and support for youth at the local level. Many VFI youth leaders have become staff members, are successful university graduates, and are the most powerful voice for their peers about the dangers of trafficking and strategies to prevent it and other forms of exploitation.

Please have a look at our leaflet Program Brochure.

How can you help?

VFI’s central aim is to invest in local leaders to create change in their own countries and villages. Our local team in Laos is recognized as a national leader in the fight against human trafficking, but continue to need your support in the form of money or fundraising, volunteer expertise, and links to individuals, companies, family foundations and other organizations.

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