Drop-in Centers And Transit House For Survivors

“It could be your daughter. Help us to stop human trafficking”

Kongseng, Head of the PEWC-Program

VFI operates two drop-in centers for temporarily accommodation for trafficking survivors in Pakse (one for females, one for males), as well as a transit house at Vang Tao-Chong Mek immigration checkpoint in southern Laos. The Transit House provides immediate care and support at the border, and links identified survivors to their families and to further processing at the drop-in centers. At the drop-in center they receive food, clothing, personal hygiene items, and basic education about safe migration. Identified trafficking survivors are introduced to the services and opportunities provided at the VFI shelter.

In 2015 VFI provided assistance to more or less 100 ‘push back’ cases from the Thai border, the Drop-In Center for females. Both the Drop-In Center for Males and the Transit House have only recently opened.

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VFI’s central aim is to invest in local leaders to create change in their own countries and villages. Our local team in Laos is recognized as a national leader in the fight against human trafficking, but continue to need your support in the form of money or fundraising, volunteer expertise, and links to individuals, companies, family foundations and other organizations.

Please support us, make a donation rightaway or contact us: kongseng@villagefocus.org (head of the PEWC-program).

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