The Land Learning Initiative for Food Security Enhancement (LIFE project)

A capacity building and legal awareness raising project related to land and natural resources in Lao PDR. The project is currently funded by Bread for the World.

LIFE project’s materials

Three Cases Displaying Common Issued Related to Land and Natural Resources in Lao PDR

LIWG and LIFE collaborated on a project entitled “Strengthening Rights of Communities in Lao PDR” with the goal of increasing and protecting the land tenure rights of rural communities. From this collaborated project, LIWG and LIFE conducted the study which introduces three common cases, all of which could possibly be replicated in other parts of […]

The Impact of LIFE’s coaching in activities of GIZ Laos in Houaphan province and Communal land use in Viengxai district, Houaphan province

LIFE and GIZ Laos in Houaphan have a long-term relationship on working together to support and strengthen the capacity building of government counterparts in the area of legal awareness on land rights and land conflict resolution. In 2020, LIFE developed a curriculum on communal land titling in cooperation with GIZ and DoL. The coaching provided […]

Contract Farming in Muang La and Muang Namor in Oudomxay Province

In 2020, the LIFE Project provided training on contract farming to CCL and partners. In addition, in January 2021, LIFE provided a variety of facilitation skills training on contract farming to the same participants and different participants from different districts and provinces. CCL used this knowledge to implement trainings related to contract farming in their […]

Utilization of LIFE Training Contents by RRDPA in the Joint Activities related to Contract Farming and Responsible Agricultural Investment

LIFE and the Rural Research and Development Promoting Knowledge Association (RRDPA) received a grant by CARE to provide community awareness raising on land law and land conflict resolution, with LIFE providing training and ongoing coaching to strengthen RRDPAs staff and government partners. From July 2021 to January 2022, LIFE conducted 4 training sessions for the […]

An Awareness Raising Approach to support Customary Tenure Recognition in the three Forest Categories of Khammuane Province, Lao PDR

Since 2018, The Mekong Region Land Governance Project (MRLG) together with Department of Land (DoL) from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) developed the pilot workstream on customary tenure recognition in the three forest categories. In 2020, the LIFE project supported them to develop and implement awareness raising activities for the 17 pilot villages […]

Impact of the LIFE project’s Coaching on Facilitation Skills and Customary Land Rights and Its Use in the Activities of the MMC

LIFE and Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) have reached an agreement to work together on Land Law dissemination and land conflicts resolution, with LIFE providing ongoing training and mentoring support to strengthen MCC staff and government partners. In 2020 and 2021, LIFE implemented several coachings to the MCC Project Team of “Strengthen Land and Agricultural Land […]

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LIFE raises the awareness, understanding, and capacity of stakeholders in the land sector by using participative, culturally sensitive, and gender responsive training and coaching methods and materials.

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