Coaching on Balancing in conflict meditation and resolution for technical staffs to enhance community participation on land governance

What do you learn?

  • Gain skills and approaches to reflect, analyze and prioritize the rank of problem related to land management, land survey and land titling
  • Develop skills in the mediation and conflict resolution; and how to give advice to communities on conflict resolution
  • Learn how to prepare and balance the prioritized rank of problem
  • Introduction to different articles related to land management and land survey for land registration and titling process such as Land Law, Investment Promotion Law and policies

What are there in the agenda?

  • Reflection, summary and prioritizing the rank of problem related to land matters
  • Legislations and plans related to land management, land survey and land titling
  • Team and legal documents preparation for conflict resolution
  • The appropriate methods on conflict resolution and land disputes
  • The effective way to share information and coordinate with higher administrative level

Download the pager of this coaching topic:
Lao version

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