A Demonstration Farm, Training Center, and Agritourism Destination committed to improving the lives of farmers in Laos.

Increasing the quantity and quality of agricultural products is key to improving the nutrition and livelihoods of villagers across Laos. However, it is equally important to do so in a way that preserves natural resources for use by future generations. VFI’s Green Earth training centre gives Lao farmers the resources and knowledge to farm sustainably and thus increase their livelihood opportunities and incomes.

Green Earth is located on the BOLAVEN “Small Loop”, about 1.5 hours from Pakse in Lao Ngam District, Salavan Province, and about 500 meters from the District center. Attractions include great weather, beautiful mountain scenery, coffee plantation, traditional Lao villages, and wonderful Lao people. The loop is home to dozens of waterfalls, including Tad Fane, Tad Itou, and Tad Yuan on the Plateau, and Tad Lo and Tad Pa Suam just near Green Earth.

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  • Demonstration Farm

    A main goal of Green Earth is to demonstrate new and adapted farming approaches to local farmes to increase their incomes, especially as they face land and food insecurity.
    Farm highlights include:

    • Mushroom houses for germination and harvest
    • Goat, pig, chicken raising, new forages techniques
    • Fish ponds
    • Organic gardens: herbs, vegetables and fruits
    • Natural fertilizers, including earthworms
    • A natural forest, with trails to demonstrate non-timber forest product propagation
  • Training Facilities for Organizations and Projects

    Green Earth includes dorms, a training rooms, and in-farm training venues. We provide facilities and trainers upon request, for daily, weekly, and longer periods. We provide training on a wide range of topics so please contact us for details.

  • Farmer Training and Community Extension

    Farmers lack technical support, access to new ideas, and timely market information. They typically sell at the lowest possible price and are reluctant to change unless they can see opportunity with their own eyes. Green Earth allow them to observe useful innovations and hands-on training to introduce them in their own villages.

  • Food Processing and Access to Markets

    Green Earth works with local communities to add value to raw agricultural and timber products, as a strategy to increase farm incomes. Opportunities abound to process products, but techniques, storage and a host of other issues prevent communities from benefiting from their own raw materials.

Current featured products include

• Wild Black Currant juice and wine
• Banana chips/candies
• Fresh mushrooms
• Organic vegetables
• Fresh fish from our ponds
• Chicken, goats, pigs, eggs
• Nature fertilizers
(sold in Laos at food fairs, restaurants and hotels)

Green Earth Eco-Market

Linking producers and consumers locally:

  1. For producers, to create an additional source of income for local communities that features forest conservation and stewardships;
  2. For consumers, to raise awareness of the local ecology, challenges of production and local farming practices, and the impact of tourism on communities and the local environment.

The Eco-Market includes:

  • A weekly marketplace held at Green Earth to feature local products
  • Awareness raising about and strategies for forest conservation
  • Innovations around sustainable collection of NTFPs
  • Innovations around processing, packaging, and marketing of NTFs
  • Sustainable waste management strategies

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GEC strives to exemplify sustainable farming practices in action. We follow no-waste farming practices, use zero chemicals, and collect rainwater for crop irrigation to minimize our environmental impact.

  • Experience farming like a Lao farmer
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of southern Laos
  • Step into a fish pond to catch fish for your dinner
  • Learn the coffee experience, from tree to cup!
  • Visit local villages by bicycle or motorbike
  • Sleep in a tent or Lao-style bungalow

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Explore GEC by watching our video, or read our year-end report for more information on our programs.

Buy our products

GEC sells a variety of food products including Mak Mao (forest blackcurrant) wine, passion fruit juice, pineapple jelly, banana chips, and various types of jam. These are available for purchase, along with handmade goods crafted by shelter residents.
+85620 5564 8456 (Lao Ngam)
+85620 2986 6650 (Vientiane Capital)

Request a training or visit

GEC can deliver tailored training, capacity building and demonstrations to nonprofits, government, businesses and schools. We also welcome members of the public to arrange a visit and tour of GEC.

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Phonsavanh Tai village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane capital, Lao PDR.