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Guidelines for Awareness Raising to Recognize Traditional Possession of Three Forest Types in Khammouane Province, Laos

The revised forest law is part of the other revised forest law promulgated in 2019, which also identifies three types of forests: production forest, protected forest and protection forest. Khammouane is one of only three provinces in Laos with these three types of forests, and villages that have been living in the forest for decades have just been identified as living in one of the three forest types. This has affected the way of life and the way people live their lives.

Since 2018, the Mekong Region Land Administration Project (MRLG) and the Department of Land (MERG) have jointly developed a work plan for the recognition of traditional tenure in three pilot forest types. In response to this program, in 2020, the Land-Based Learning Promotion (LIFE) project will provide support for the creation and implementation of awareness-raising action plans for 17 villages, with the participation of government partners in Khammouane province.

This case study illustrates some of the issues that arise at the village level, explains outreach and awareness-raising activities, and provides guidelines for future projects.

This case study was developed by MRLG and LIFE.
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    Phonsavanh Tai village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane capital, Lao PDR.